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Previous Projects

The MVO Airconditioning Project Team as nominated per project has operated together on Major Construction & Maintenance projects in the past and has proven their ability to coordinate and interact with our clients, building a long lasting work relationship.

MVO has always approached every project, whether this being new works or routine maintenance, with the view to co-operating with the client or clients’ representative in a harmonious relationship. Our Quality Policy reinforces our desire to satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations and we are committed to client satisfaction.

Examples of our ability in the area of air-conditioning & mechanical recently completed projects are listed below.

Recent Projects

Aprox Value of Project

Project Description

Lavarack Barracks 4th Field $1,323,000.00 Lavarack Barracks 4th Field
Lavarack Barracks B Squadron $1,100,000.00 Lavarack Barracks B Squadron
RAAF Base MRH Facilities $3,400,000.00 RAAF Base MRH Facilities
Stuart Police Station $440,000.00 Stuart Police Station
Ayr Police Station $870,000.00 Ayr Police Station
James Cook University ATSIP $4,400,000.00 James Cook University ATSIP
Vincent Community Health Centre $450,000.00 Vincent Community Health Centre
Ingham Hospital $3,240,000.00 Ingham Hospital
Townsville Trade College $180,000.00 Townsville Trade College
Enterprise House $210,000.00 Enterprise House
Lavarack Barracks 3 RAR $2,400,000.00 Lavarack Barracks 3 RAR
Single Leap 2 Stage 1 $4,000,000.00 Single Leap 2 Stage 1
Cleveland Youth Detention Centre Expansion $10,000,000.00 Cleveland Youth Detention Centre Expansion


MVO Airconditioning Pty Ltd specializes in the design, supply, installation and servicing of Mechanical Services which include Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, Plumbing, Pneumatic systems and mechanical/electrical services.

Some of our current and past Mechanical Services construction projects, that include Chilled Water Systems as part of the project works.

Cleveland Youth Detention Centre

This project consists in part of a Central Chiller Plant containing the following equipment which produces and reticulates chilled water to the air conditioning units in the numerous buildings on the site via approx 7 kilometers of in-ground chilled water lines. Trenching and installation of in-ground pipes are part of the Mechanical Services contract.

The plant consists of the following:

  • 3 off Trane Chiller Sets
  • 3 off KSB Ajax Primary Chilled Water Pumps
  • 5 off KSB Ajax Secondary Chilled Water Pumps
  • 3 off KSB Ajax Condenser Water Pumps
  • 4 off Evapco (Aqua-Cool) Cooling Towers
  • 1 off thermal energy storage tank

James Cook University, ASTIP

The Australian Tropical Science & Innovation Precinct (ATSIP) is a grouping of buildings jointly occupied by James Cook University and the CSIRO. ATSIP is located in the eastern zone of James Cook University, Douglas Campus on James Cook Drive. The precinct consists of several buildings. These are DB145 (Main Building), DB148 (Support Building), and DB150 (Glass House). Construction of the precinct was carried out over 2009 & 2010.

DB145, the Main Building, is a four level building located on James Cook Drive adjacent to buildings DB021 (Molecular Sciences) and DB028 (New Biological Sciences). DB148, the Support Building, is a single level building located on the opposite side of James Cook Drive to DB145. DB150, the Glass House, is located north of building DB148.

Chilled water is provided from the Central Energy Plant that serves the Campus. Chilled water pumps are located in the ground floor Plant Room of building DB145. Chilled water is pumped within a reticulated pipework system to the cooling coil of each Air Handling Unit (AHU) or Fan Coil Unit (FCU) located throughout the Precinct. Two additional chilled water pumps are located in building DB150 dedicated to air conditioning of the Glass Houses.

Mechanical Works also included the installation of ventilation systems, fume extraction cabinets and associated chemical resistant ducting, laboratory gasses services, gas monitoring and connection to the Client’s existing site wide Building Management System. Including PC2 laboratories

JCU Medical School Tutorial Extension

This project involved where an existing building was extended to incorporate additional Tutorial rooms. The chilled water fan coils were tapped into existing chilled water services,, including modifications to the client’s site wide Building Management System.

JCU Immuno Genetics

This new building not only was serviced by air cooled chiller connected to various chilled water Air Handling plants. But due to the nature of the use for this building, where the internal rooms within were designed for progressive increasing pressure containment areas .PC 2 & 3 This made for a very complex and interesting building to commission. It was through the critical nature of the pressurized rooms that M.V.O. Air-conditioning retained the maintenance for the plant well beyond the contract period. 

JCU Central Lecture Theatre

Project involved the supply and installation of a air cooled packaged chiller plant connected to a Chilled water Air handling plant. This was an existing building that required co-ordination with University staff so as not to greatly upset the university’s day to day operation. 

JCU TV Building, Phraseology

The Parasitology Lab is located in the TV Building in a south-east section of the ground floor. The TV Building is situated in the Biomedical and Tropical Veterinary precinct of the Douglas Campus of James Cook University, Townsville.

A new air conditioning system was installed to serve the Parasitology Lab, and the existing air conditioning that served the former building section was modified or removed. Refrigeration systems were installed to serve a separate Coldroom and Freezer. Ventilation systems were installed to supplement the safety of laboratory processes.

JCU Medical School

This Project involved supplying Mechanical Services to three new buildings including Trane Screw Chillers, Ice tanks, AHU’s, Primary and Secondary Chilled water pumps, Water cooled condensers, In-ground condenser water pipes, reticulated chilled water line, Mechanical electrical and connection to the University’s site wide BMS.

Ingham Hospital

The project was a new Hospital consisting of a number of buildings, M.V.O. Airconditioning Pty Ltd installed the Mechanical Services for the project. Works included Trane air cooled chillers, reticulated chilled water to various plantroom with air handling plant, ventilation systems, dental suction services and DDC systems. Serving  operating Theatres & Clean rooms.

Lavarack Barracks Redevelopment Stage 2, 3 & 4

For approximately the last 10 years, M.V.O. Airconditioning Pty Ltd has carried out Mechanical Services under various contracts to Thiess Pty Ltd carried out on the Lavarack Barracks Army base. These works included 4 chilled water projects of which two involved under-ground chilled water pipes installed under M.V.O.’s contract. Numerous DX air conditioning installations, Ventilation plants, Medical systems, Pneumatic systems both gases and fluids and Direct Digital Control systems.

Townsville General Hospital, Acute Health

The Medical 4 IPU is situated on Level 1 of the Acute Building at The Townsville Hospital. The Townsville Hospital is located on Discovery Drive, in the suburb of Douglas. Fitout of the Medical 4 IPU was carried out in 2009.

The Mechanical Services work included modifications to the existing air conditioning and ventilation systems, plus the installation of new chilled water air handling systems, ventilation systems, ductwork and ancillaries.

Neonatal Ward, Townsville General Hospital

The NICU is located to the western end of Level 2 in the Acute Building at The Townsville Hospital. The Townsville Hospital is located in the Townsville suburb of Douglas. In 2008, alterations to the building were carried out to accommodate the Neonatal unit. These alterations included,

  • Conversion of a former Balcony area to the Staff Room NICU/Birthing Room.
  • Conversion of the former Retrieval/On-call Room to Storage Room 1.
  • Conversion of the former Staff NICU/Birthing Room to Storage Room 2.

Lavarack Barracks Redevelopment ELF

In the last two years M.V.O. Airconditioning has undertaken Mechanical Service contracts . These works included extending chilled water services to an additional new building, supplied off an existing system, works was to be undertaken with limited impact into the operations of the Defense Force.  Project works also included mechanical services to Workshops, Offices and other facilities where air conditioning, ventilation, compressed air, DDC and Lubrication systems were installed. One contract alone involved providing Mechanical Services to 26 individual buildings.

Townsville Magistrates Court

The works involved with this project was the replacement of the main chilled water fresh air plant. The building where the works were achieved was in an operational Law Courts building where emphasis was on not interfering in the operation of the building and staff.

Due to the limited access, preplanning and ordering of modified equipment to suit the limited access was essential to completing the works, furthermore as the building was to remain operational change over time was very restrictive. It was a pleasure to receive a phone call from the clients representative stating his appreciation on how well the change-over was carried out.

Queensland Health Birthing Centre

Work consisted of:-

  • AHU.1 -  providing conditioned air to the Birthing Suite 1, Birthing Suite 2, and Birthing Suite 3. Conditioned air is distributed via a ductwork system. Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes were incorporated in the ductwork system to vary the delivery of conditioned air to suit the cooling requirements of each space.
  • AHU.2 - providing conditioned air to rooms Staff, Store, Corridor, Office, Reception, Linen, Family, Waiting, and Consult. Conditioned air is distributed via a ductwork system.
  • GEF 1 -  a general ducted exhaust system was installed connected to an in-line exhaust fan.

Barrier Reef TAFE College

Install and commission McQuay air cooled packaged Chiller associated mechanical services. This system was designed and installed with the intent that the plant and all associated services are exposed and will be used in the education and training of TAFE attendees.

Queensland Health, ATODs Clinical

Mechanical works were completed on the Vincent Community Centre in 2009. The ATODS Clinical Hub & Withdrawal centre is located in Palmerston Street, Vincent.  Mechanical Services works included the removal of existing air handling units and condensers from the building, installation of new chilled water air handling unit, new ductwork in plantroom to connect to existing ductwork, chilled water buffer tank, pipework and ancillaries.

Queensland Health, Vincent Community Health Centre Plantroom upgrade

Project involved the removal of existing plant, supply and installation of two Trane screw chillers with remote air cooled condensers connected to existing 2 off build-up Air handling rooms. The chilled water pumps circulates the chilled water throughout the chilled water pipe work system. Two chilled water pumps are employed in a duty/standby arrangement. Electrical up-grade of controls and Mechanical switchboards also formed part of the works.;

Townsville RAAF Base, Air9000

AIR9000 Phase 2 Facilities consisted of new and upgrade works within the 5 Aviation Regiment precincts in order to accommodate the rollout and operation of the MRH-90 troop lift helicopter. Building works involved the construction of the new Training and Mission Planning (TMP) building; addition and alteration of existing Building 273; alterations to existing Building 274; addition and alteration of existing Building 291, addition and alteration of existing Building 295.

The Project involved the supply and installation of a chilled water plant consisting of a package air cooled Chiller unit and circulating pumps. The chilled water is reticulated via pipework installed above the ceiling throughout the buildings to serve the cooling coil of each Air Handling Units (AHU’s).The project also had numerous different Pressure rooms  + & - that required very accurate commissioning of all air volumes to eliminate cross contamination of hazardous areas.

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